When implementing networks of teams, it is critical to develop a scalable Reference Model prior to scaling.

Scrum at Scale (or Scrum@Scale) is the natural evolution of Scrum taking the basics of the Scrum Guide and extending it to tens of teams, hundreds of teams, even thousands of teams.

An Agile Transformation is never done. Scrum at Scale allows you to create your own Agile operating system that fits your context. It is minimally prescriptive, lightweight, and adaptable for many different work environments.

Scrum at Scale is not just for software developers or IT professionals. Scrum at Scale is for the whole organization. Scrum at Scale helps teams transform every division, department, and service in an organization. 

The Scrum at Scale framework was created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum.

Values-Driven Culture

Scrum@Scale aims to build a healthy organizational culture through the pillars of empirical process control and the Scrum values. The pillars of empirical process control are transparency, inspection, and adaptation.3 These pillars are actualized by the Scrum values of Openness, Courage, Focus, Respect, and Commitment.
Openness supports transparency into all of the work and processes and without it, there is no ability to inspect them honestly and attempt to adapt them for the better. Courage refers to taking the bold leaps required to deliver value quicker in innovative ways. Focus and Commitment refer to the way we handle our work obligations, putting customer value delivery as the highest priority. Lastly, all of this must occur in an environment based on respect for the individuals doing the work, without whom nothing can be created.
Scrum@Scale helps organizations thrive by supporting a positive team learning environment for working at a sustainable pace, while putting customer value at the forefront.


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